Each of these Event Types are completely customizable to fit your budget.

This is our most cost-effective, flexible, adaptable, and portable production. It runs as more of a lean and mean kind of event. It doesn’t feature the big size of production or demonstrations, but doesn’t lack in the power of the Gospel and salvation message to change lives!! This can be a great starter event for a community or church that wants to build a foundation for future bigger production events in the community with the Conquerors. This event serves well for smaller venues and/or portable outreaches, but is not restricted to these kinds of venues. It features no power-breaking (brick breaking) but a line up of smaller more portable demonstrations which we refer to as hand demonstrations:

• Rip Phone Books or decks of cards in half
• Bend Steel Bar in teeth or over the head
• Blow Up Hot Water Bottle until it explodes
• Bend Horseshoe in a “U” or “heart” shape
• Roll Frying Pan into a burrito shape
• Explode Soda Cans with hands
• Snap baseball bats in half over the leg or around the back
• Minimum of 2 athletes/presenters

This kind of event also serves as our motivational school assembly type of event, except with a non-gospel message of motivation within the public schools.
The medium event has all the same characteristics of the “Small” events except we supplement 2-4 Power Brick Breaks and/or other possible optional demonstrations upon request.
This usually features all items from a Small and Medium event plus other demonstrations such as:

• Weights and Nails Demonstration (Team member sandwiched between 2 nail beds totaling near 4,000 nails while a team member lays on top of him bench pressing 315-405 lbs)
• Arm Sandwich (Drive a sledge hammer through 4 blocks with team members arm in middle of blocks)
• 2x4 Board Run-Through Break (Team member running through 2-4, 12-14 ft 2 x 4’s while 2 other team members run at him carrying the 2 x 4’s)
• 6-8 Power Brick Breaks
• Optional Fire with Brick Breaks (Breaking a series of brick breaks lit on fire)

This event’s application is probably best served in large type of venue for a large type of community/church event or events. This type of community event works very effectively with a day or multiple days of school assemblies. This combination can make for a very effective outreach and impact by reaching into the heart of schools serving them with one of the best assembly programs in America! This kind of event would be built to bring community together to reach the young people and families. Commonly, the assemblies presentations would be scheduled the days prior and day of a community event or events with a partnership with schools to invite students and families to the large event after assembly presentation on the school campus.

Depending on the community, the venue of this kind of event can go well held at a church or neutral location such as a high school auditorium, and is best decided by main host of event/events.

*The Conquerors are not affiliated with The Power Team with John Jacobs or any other feat ministry.